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Task description:

  • Development of the advanced algorithms for image processing on GPU both on PC and Embedded in real time

  • Development of algorithms for chromatic and geometric aberration fixes

  • Work with CUDA, OpenCL, C, C++ open GL?

  • Latency optimization in Virtual reality system

  • Work with latest NVIDIA and AMD libraries for virtual reality acceleration

Technical Skills required:

  • Engineering (EE) or computer science degree 

  • Two or more years of experience in the area of computer graphics

  • Good knowledge of Cuda or OpenCL

  • Knowledge of C or C++ programming language

  • Familiarity with graphics pipeline

  • Knowledge of image processing and video compression algorithms - advantage

  • Good understanding of low level programming and HW architecture - advantage

  • Experience in real time programming - advantage

  • Knowledge of OpenGL or DirectX - advantage

SW engineer with Graphics experiance
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